Hair Loss Facts

Hair loss is more common than you think

As everyone ages—that’s right, everyone—their hair spends less time in the growth phase and more in the resting phase, which means it will grow more slowly and not as long or thick as it did before.

The trouble is, most people start to recognize and treat thinning hair too late. But by using ROGAINE® immediately at the earliest signs of hair thinning, you can help remedy the hair loss process—and sustain optimal hair density for fuller, younger-looking hair.

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Signs of hair loss

Not sure if you need to take action? Look to these early signs of hair loss:

More hair on your pollow

More strands on your hairbrush or comb

More hair in the drain

Sunburn on the scalp

If you want to get ahead of hair loss and maintain fuller, younger-looking hair even as you get older, start using ROGAINE® products immediately at the early signs of hair loss.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

A closer look at the root of hair thinning

The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Heredity, hormones, and age all play a part in this hereditary hair loss condition. In AGA, the hair follicle shrinks.

Each hair growth cycle produces a shorter, finer, much-less-visible hair. In time, a few follicles will even be destroyed, and thus incapable of producing hair.


Learn how to treat hair loss

Watch this video to learn how ROGAINE® products can help treat hair loss.

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