Financial Incentives for California Consumers. We offer various types of financial incentives in exchange for your personal information, such as coupons, discounts, promotions, loyalty points, sweepstakes, contests, surveys, and other exclusive offers for California consumers who sign up to receive our marketing emails or join our loyalty program. The amount and terms of such offers will be presented to you at the time of the offer. When you participate in a financial incentive, we collect personal information from you, such as identifiers (like your email address) and commercial information (like your purchase history). Solely for purposes of California privacy law, we reasonably estimate the value of the discount, coupon, or other financial incentive that we offer to you to be equal to or greater than the value we receive from a consumer’s personal information collected in connection with the offer. We reasonably estimate the value of a consumer’s data by estimating the expenses related to the provision of each incentive program per consumer. We incur a variety of expenses for providing financial incentives, such as administrative and technical expenses associated with maintaining a loyalty program and costs associated with discounts on purchases. Participation in our financial incentives is voluntary. You may opt into a financial incentive by following the sign-up or participation instructions provided, and you have the ability to opt out by unsubscribing from our emails or closing your loyalty member account.