Love It or Leave It

See which products our professionals recommend and which ones don’t make the cut. The list may surprise you.

While your mane may lose some of its volume with time, you're not destined to fall flat on style, On the contrary! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list showing you which products and ingredients to choose and which to avoid to create your fullest-looking hair.

Love It

Dry Shampoos: Using a dry shampoo between washes will help absorb oil and enhance volume. Look for a dry shampoo with cornstarch or rice starch and a clear formulation.

Leave-in conditioner: Normal conditioners can weigh down thin hair, so choose a light leave-in conditioner and apply only to the ends of your strands.

Volumizing mousse: A lightweight volumizing mousse will help to pump up tresses. Look for formulas that are free of sulfates, silicone, and oil.

Clarifying shampoo: Product build up can lead to clogged hair follicles that could slow hair growth. Use clarifying shampoo to eliminate build up.

A satin pillowcase: A satin pillowcase will be gentler on your delicate hair than cotton.

Leave It

Serums: Serums can weigh down thinning hair, making it appear flatter and sparser.

Styling products with heavy waxes and silicones: If you must use a styling paste, choose a very light one that does not have heavy waxes or silicones.

Regular conditioner: Swap the heavy formulations of some conditioners for a light leave-in conditioner.

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