Noticing that your hair is thinning can be a frustrating experience. Whatever the reason for your hair loss, it can be hard to adjust to thinning or balding hair.

The good news is that it is usually easier to disguise and enhance thinning hair than you may realize. The right haircut, color and styling method can work wonders to boost your thinning hair. And besides, thinning hair is nothing to be ashamed of! It’s just about finding the right style that helps you feel confident and feel like yourself.

If you’re wondering what to do with thin hair and what some of the best hairstyles for thinning hair are, read on for our top tips and tricks to make your hair look full and thick.

Consider a Cut

The power of a good haircut is often underestimated. The length, texture and shape of your hair all influence how your hair will look when styled, so it is essential to utilize the proper haircut for thin hair to look thicker.

Best Haircuts for Thin Hair? Shorter is Better

When it comes to thinning hair, more isn’t always more. Long hair can start to feel flat and thin, while a shorter style can make your hair appear more full and voluminous. A great option for women is a long or short bob, as the blunt ends make your hair appear thicker overall. For men, don’t be afraid to ditch the combover and go for a shorter style than usual. This can make your thinning hair look more full, and is a great receding hairline haircut option.

The Power of Bangs

The hair around your face has the most impact on your overall look, so adding some bangs can be a great haircut for thin hair. And it doesn’t have to be a full front fringe, either. Consider soft, sweeping side bangs, face framing layers or even a side fringe. For men, ask your barber to leave some length at the front. Even with a receding hairline, this extra hair can be styled to create volume and definition around your face.

Embrace Your Texture

When working with thinning hair, it’s important to consider your natural texture. A pro stylist will be able to cut your hair to enhance any natural waves or curls, making it easier for you to style day-to-day. Even if your hair is naturally super straight, your stylist can help cut layers that create movement and volume in your thin hair. The best hairstyles for thinning hair are ones that work with what you’ve got, not against it!

Styling Tips For Thin Hair

Just as a good cut can work wonders for thinning hair, the way you style it can too! Using the right products and techniques can create beautiful hairstyles that hide thinning hair, plus, make your hair look full of life and body.

Use Volumizing Product

A top tip for thinning hair is to use products at every step of your routine that are designed to give your hair a boost. A volumizing shampoo, texturizing foam and dry shampoo are all great options to increase the volume at your roots and make your hair look fuller. For men, consider raking a thickening pomade through your hair to give it some hold and volume.

Don't Shy Away From Heat

While excessive heat styling can be damaging to your thin hair, when used properly, your styling tools can be the key to long-lasting locks. Both men and women can benefit from the root-boosting benefits of blow drying your hair upside down on a warm setting. And for even more volume without having to add extra heat, try setting longer hair in velcro curlers for a chic blowout look.

Add In a Targeted Treatment

While thinning hair is nothing to be ashamed of, there are options available to boost your hair growth. Targeted treatments containing minoxidil, like ROGAINE®, are clinically-proven to revive hair follicles to regrow thicker and fuller hair. With consistent daily use as part of your hair routine, you may find that your hair isn’t so thin after all!

Hair Color For Thinning Hair

While harsh dyes or excessive bleaching can be damaging to your hair, coloring your hair can actually be a great way to make your thinning hair appear fuller.

Consider Going Darker

The best hair color for thin hair is one that makes every strand visible. If your hair is graying or is naturally very light, it may be hard to see those fine strands against your scalp. Consider a hair dye a few shades darker than your natural roots to help boost the contrast and make your fine hair stand out more.

Use a Temporary Root Spray

If you’re not ready to commit to permanently or semi-permanently coloring your hair, a root coverup spray is a great option. Just like hair dye, this works by adding dimension to those light, fine hairs at the scalp, and some formulas even contain thickening fibers specifically for thin hair. This trick can make your hair appear full and voluminous, and you can wash it out at the end of the day!


Our hair is so connected with our confidence and identity, so it’s no wonder that managing thinning hair can be a frustrating experience. The good news, however, is that there are a lot of simple tips and tricks that can work wonders to make your thinning hair appear full, voluminous and full of body.

From a proper haircut to a new hair color, both men and women can benefit from these hair styling tips for thin hair. And rather than just accepting thinning hair as your new normal, ROGAINE® can help boost your hair follicles to grow thicker, fuller hair.

Explore the range of ROGAINE® products for both men and women, and give your thinning hair a boost with this clinically-proven, effective hair regrowth treatment.

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